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In open government, innovation and technology are essential to establish efficient communication channels between Governments, Administrations and Citizens.

We are a leading consultancy in the implementation of Transparency and Open Government projects in Public Administrations.

Our multidisciplinary approach facilitates access to the latest technologies with unique advice on regulatory matters.

  • Institutional Portal

    All the Organization's information aimed at the citizen.

  • Transparency Portal

    The organization's doors open to citizens.

  • Transparency assessment systems

    It positions entities through dynamic rankings that promote the transparency of the organization as a whole.

  • Accountability

    Allows you to show in detail the fulfillment of political commitments

  • Works, Infrastructure and Heritage Viewer

    Geolocated urban transparency.

  • Budget reader

    The budget and its execution shown in a clear and understandable way for citizens.

  • Citizen participation

    Enrich decision making through open and dynamic citizen participation, in real time and from anywhere.

  • Complaint channel

    With the whistleblowing channels, it is possible to act concisely and directly to meet the demands of citizens.

  • Lobby registration

  • Open data

    Public data in reusable and citizen-understandable formats.

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