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Open Government

In open government, innovation and technology are essential to establish efficient communication channels between Governments, Administrations and the public.

  • Institutional Portal

    All the information of the Organization focused on the citizen.

  • Transparency Portal - Open Data

    The doors of the organization open to citizens.

  • Transparency assessment systems

    It positions the entities through dynamic rankings that promote transparency throughout the organization.

  • Accountability

    It allows to show the fulfillment of political commitments in detail

  • Works, Infrastructures and Heritage Viewer

    Geolocated urban transparency.

  • Budget Viewer

    The budget and its execution displayed in a clear and understandable way for citizens.

  • Citizen participation

    Enriching decision-making through open, dynamic citizen participation, in real time and from anywhere.

  • Ethical Channel

    With the complaint channels, it is possible to act concisely and directly to satisfy citizen demands.

  • module COVID

    Each moment is a concrete need.

  • Open data

About us?

We are a leading Consultant in the implementation of Transparency and Open Government projects in Public Administrations.

Our multidisciplinary approach facilitates access to the latest technologies with unique advice on regulatory matters.

What do we offer you?




Test in real time the features of the tool.

Relevant information of the institution published in a clear, intuitive, structured and citizen-focused way.

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