The viewer shows the breakdown of the budget, its execution and the information on suppliers and invoices in a graphic, clear and understandable way for any citizen.

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Ogovsystem-Administraciones y la Ciudadanía
Ogovsystem-Administraciones y la Ciudadanía
Ogovsystem-Administraciones y la Ciudadanía
herramientas de Gobierno Abierto Ogovsystem
herramientas de Gobierno Abierto Ogovsystem


Breakdown of income and expenses

The budget interactively and broken down in How is it entered? How is it spent? What is it spent on? and Who spends? It allows you to consult each budget level, differentiating between initial and executed amounts. Shows overall and per capita amounts for each of the budget levels.

Time evolution

Both the budget as a whole, as well as its breakdowns and each one of the levels allow exploring temporal evolution throughout the exercises, indicating the percentage variation between what was initially budgeted and what was actually entered or spent.

tax calculator

Real-time information about the execution
Visually shows the progress of the execution of income and expenses. Configurable displays to contextualize the deviation in percentage or absolute value, type of expense.

It allows any citizen to calculate an approximation of how their collaboration has been distributed to the municipal budget according to the taxes and rates that they contribute.


It allows to dump the invoices paid by the city council through a form or by means of massive import. It has a search engine that allows you to locate invoices by concept, expense area, supplier, amounts and dates. It generates dynamic graphs on the main providers, monthly evolution of payments and distribution by amounts and types of entity.

Invoices and suppliers

Overview of suppliers and detail at invoice level
Allows you to explore invoices and suppliers. Detail of each invoice, and visualization that summarizes the expense by suppliers: size, type, number of invoices. It allows understanding who and how the organization’s suppliers are and the details of the payments they have received.

Open data

All tool data is published in a specific section in reusable and downloadable format in XLS, ODT, CSV and HTML.

Understand the budget

A didactic section focused on the citizen being able to understand the structure of the budget and the data displayed by the tool.



Different permissions and role management.


All graphic elements of the tool are customizable without technical knowledge.


Tanto de visitas como de la gestión de contenidos.


Know what information is out of date and who is responsible for it.


Adapted to all devices.


Integrated with the Ministry of Finance database and internal tools to avoid generating extra work.


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