The transparency portal has been designed with a citizen focus without losing sight of evaluation methodologies and the legal framework. The information is displayed in a graphic and friendly way, with simple explanations and less than three clicks away.

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evaluaciones-Portal de Transparencia
evaluaciones-Portal de Transparencia
evaluaciones-Portal de Transparencia


Active Advertising

It organizes the information by theme, with a totally flexible structure, with the possibility of including descriptions and explanations, as well as external links.


A module designed for evaluation entities (Transparency Councils, Infoparticipa, Dyntra, International Transparency and others that may arise). It allows self-assessment, enhances the level of compliance in these methodologies and control by citizens. All indicators are connected by link. It makes it possible to create your own indexes based, for example, on a transparency ordinance.

Access to information

It complies with passive transparency through a module that, in addition to offering information on the right of access (processing body, frequently asked questions, application channel, how to claim, etc.), facilitates the management of requests internally and displays data statistics and resolutions on these.

Open data

All tool data is published in downloadable reusable format in XLS, ODT, CSV and HTML.



Different permissions and role management.


All graphic elements of the tool are customizable without technical knowledge.


Both visits and content management.


Know what information is out of date and who is responsible for it.


Adapted to all devices.


Integrated with official databases and allows both massive import of content and connection to web services.


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