Communication system that allows citizens to propose action proposals to be supported by other users, express their decision on especially significant issues of institutional action, participate in the process of drafting regulations or decide on the fate of part of the institutional budget. It allows carrying out all the most relevant participatory processes, designed in a configurable way so that the different processes can be activated or deactivated.

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Participación Ogovsystem-Administraciones y la Ciudadanía
Ogovsystem-Administraciones y la Ciudadanía
Participación ciudadana-herramienta de escucha activa-Ogovsystem


Ogovsystem - Canal de denuncias


It allows citizens to make online proposals to the government and the government to citizens. It also allows the deliberation and participation of citizens and social actors in the different proposals, as well as voting or supporting them. A threshold of support may be set to be considered sufficiently supported by the citizenry.

Public inquiries

It will allow for consultations and voting in order to gather citizen opinion on a given topic. It allows citizens to actively participate in the development of regulations, plans and programs, projects, etc.

Ogovsystem - cumplimiento de Planes de Gobierno
Ogovsystem - Rendición de cuentas


It will allow citizens to vote on cross-cutting or sectoral issues that affect important decision-making processes. These may also be directed to the entire territory or only to certain areas. Among the most popular: decision of the name of a street or municipal building, election of the fair poster, municipal mayors, among many other options

Participatory Budgets

In these processes, citizens propose how to spend part of the institution’s budget. These are articulated in a series of phases that are fully adaptable to the needs of the City Council in accordance with its internal regulations.

Ogovsystem-Administraciones y la Ciudadanía



That allows differentiating between internal profiles (of the City Council): Administrator, moderator, management (with different permissions)


Limits participation to registered neighbors.


Send notifications to tool users. It also allows communication between users through newsletter.


All graphic elements of the tool are customizable without technical knowledge


Both visits and citizen participation


To avoid duplicate votes, a CSV can be integrated or loaded with the census of inhabitants over 16 years of age.


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