A data portal based on CKAN technology, which will allow both the administration and other collaborating profiles to publish data in open format (CSV, XML, JSON, among others) and spatial exchange formats such as Shapefile, GML, KML standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) as WFS. The data dumped on the platform may be exported or integrated by third parties in accordance with the permits and licenses established in the portal.

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Catálogo de datos herramientas de Gobierno Abierto Ogovsystem
herramientas de Gobierno Abierto Ogovsystem
Ogovsystem-Administraciones y la Ciudadanía


Ogovsystem-Administraciones y la Ciudadanía


Organizations are used to create, manage, and publish collections of data sets. Users can have different roles within an organization, depending on their level of authorization to create, edit, and publish. The main organization will be the Fuenlabrada City Council, however, in the implementation phases of the project the type of organization that can form part of the platform will be defined.

Data catalog

The data catalog defines groups cataloged as data sets of a particular topic, which facilitates the search of information within the portal for reusers. You can associate a title, managing organization of the set and icon to each data set. It is proposed that the portal contain at least 40 data sets proposed by the FEMP open data guide for local entities. The following screenshot contains some groups of the proposed data catalog:

herramientas de Gobierno Abierto-datos-abiertos-Ogovsystem
herramientas de Gobierno Abierto Ogovsystem

Data sets

The data sets group different types of data associated with the same typology (example, 2021 Budgets associated documents in open format linked to the budget, its execution, among other relevant information). Each data set can include: organization that manages it, labels, type of reuse license, visibility, source, author, among other information. The following screenshot contains some test data:



That allows differentiating between internal profiles (of the City Council): Administrator, moderator, management (with different permissions)


Locate any data set quickly


All graphic elements of the tool are customizable without technical knowledge.


Both visits and citizen participation.


Adapted to all devices.


With connection to the databases of the institution, thus allowing the automatic updating of content


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