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On November 6, Dispatch TER/1204/2021, of November 3, was published in BOE, approving the regulatory bases and making the corresponding call for 2021, for subsidies for digital transformation and modernization. of the Administrations of Local Entities, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan associated with the European Recovery Plan.

Eligible actions for local entities are part of the Public Administration Digitization Plan 2021-2025 and other modernization actions aimed at the public sector.

Through this line, local entities with more than 50,000 inhabitants will be able to submit projects until December 15th to receive subsidies for their digital transformation and modernization within the scope of the Recovery Plan for Europe.

Line 3, on Data Governance, opens the way for the presentation of projects associated with the implementation of reusable and interoperable data warehouses, as well as the acquisition of software that allows this information to be brought closer to citizens.

In line with this, we are developing a project proposal on an Open Data Platform as a data warehouse, which will also allow the visualization of information of different types through viewers and graphs.

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Ethical Channel, a simple and safe tool

We offer solutions to comply with the new European whistleblower protection directive quickly and effectively. This directive is mandatory for all Administrations, along with Law 93/2021,