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The Autonomous University of Barcelona recognizes the Municipality of Santa Eulària for its Quality in Communication and Institutional Transparency.

Ogov system- Calidad en la Comunicación y Transparencia institucional al Ayuntamiento de Santa Eulària.

The Municipality of Santa Eulària has managed to be one of the most transparent Municipalities in Spain and is the only one to obtain the Infoparticipa Seal, awarded by the ComSet research team.


The evaluations were carried out by the ComSET Research Group (Sound, Strategic Communication and Transparency) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). The project started just to analyze Catalonia institutions, but several years later they expanded the audits, with the Balearic Islands being one of them.


The Infoparticipa Seal constitutes a distinction for municipalities that comply with transparency and represents a great recognition granted by the academic environment to those awarded this seal. The results show, once again, that the size of the municipality or the amount of the budget does not matter to fulfill high levels of transparency. The desire to bring information closer to citizens is the real value of this commitment.


The Municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu passed the assessment with 96.15%, being also the only Consistory to receive ComSET recognition in the Balearic Islands.

According to the Dyntra evaluation index, Santa Eulària is one of the four most transparent municipalities in the country, with 90.74% of the 162 indicators.


Santa Eularia Transparency Portal


The Council has the Ogovsystem Transparency Portal, these portals include in their design the proposals for good practices of this and other methodologies. Additionally, our team of consultants monitors and assists all entities we advise in the assessments to which they are submitted, thus enhancing the levels of compliance and the chances of success.


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