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The Autonomous University of Barcelona recognizes the Municipalities of Caravaca de la Cruz, Águilas and Torre-Pacheco for their Quality in Communication and Transparency.

Ogovsystem- Calidad en la Comunicación y Transparencia a los Ayuntamientos de Caravaca de la Cruz, Águilas y Torre-Pacheco.

Nine municipalities in the Region of Murcia received the Infoparticipa Seal from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in its 5th edition.

The Infoparticipa Seal is an accreditation granted by the Governance, Transparency and CSR Observatory of the CEU UCH, together with the ComSET Research Group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The aspects object of study are fundamentally related to five basic pillars: who are the political representatives of the City Council, how they manage collective resources and what tools they offer for citizen participation.

Obtaining these ‘Infoparticipa’ seals is a reflection of the work carried out by local and regional administrations in promoting transparency, the right of access to public information and citizen participation.

Ogovsystem is a team of consultants specialized in Transparency and Open Government that has developed different technological tools and methodologies to keep citizens connected and informed.

Our Transparency portals include in their design the proposal of good practices such as this and other methodologies.


Result information:

The Águilas City Council was revalidated, with a maximum score of 100%. The Councilor for Transparency evaluated “very positively the work carried out in terms of transparency, managing to go from a failure in 2015 (with a rating of 21.9% in Infoparticipa) to the current 100%”.


        Inicio – Águilas (ayuntamientodeaguilas.org)


  • Municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz. The board achieved a great score of 90%, valuing very positively the achievement of the award for the second year in a row.

Inicio – Ayuntamiento de Caravaca de la Cruz


  • Torre-Pacheco City Council. Obtained the Infoparticipa diploma for the second consecutive year with an excellent percentage of 94%

Inicio – Portal de Transparencia del Ayuntamiento de Torre-Pacheco (torrepacheco.es)


A fundamental aspect in the evaluations of the UAH and essential for the granting of the Infoparticipa Seal is the structuring of municipal transparency portals. The Transparency Portal implemented by our team meets the standards of digital democracy, allowing dynamic, intuitive and citizen-friendly navigation.

Furthermore, we highlight our experience in the development of Municipal Transparency Plans in which, in addition to facilitating the tool, we provide entities with comprehensive project management, including training and training teams, defining strategies, identifying those responsible, compiling of tasks, transformation and loading of data in the portal, as well as the monitoring of the entire information catalog, in order to guarantee real and rooted improvements in administration.



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