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Transparency Las Rozas, a pilot from Govtechlab Madrid

A success story model that highlights the importance of the involvement and collaboration of several teams to achieve a goal: to be more #transparent, implemented in the Municipality of Las Rozas in Madrid by Dynamic OpenGov Technologies and based on the #technology OgovSystem with the collaboration of the  IE PublicTech Lab within the scope of Govtechlab Madrid.

The teams from the Transparency and Electronic Administration areas of the City Council of Las Rozas and our consultant Ogov System, collaborated to launch the new transparency portal of the City Council.

This pilot consisted of the launch of the new transparency portal that offers comprehensible and easily accessible information to all people and companies in the municipality. With the new portal, the City Council obtained a score of 98.08% in the Infoparticipa index, fulfilling 51 of the 52 items. This doubled the percentage obtained in the previous edition (52%) and was awarded the Infoparticipa quality seal.
Regarding the Dyntra methodology, Las Rozas went from a compliance score of 63% to 85%, positioning itself among the 3 most transparent municipalities in the Community of Madrid, together with the capital Madrid, and 13th at the national level.

The pilot was documented by the Govtechlab Madrid team, which highlighted the following challenges achieved:

The importance of the involvement and collaboration of several teams to achieve a goal: to be more transparent. The development of this pilot required the involvement of different areas of the City Council, highlighting the need for collaboration between departments.
Improving communication between areas was the main challenge to obtain the necessary information.
Transparency contributes to a change in organizational culture and, therefore, a change in the internal ways of working and collaborating between areas.

The result of this work was the presentation of a new transparency portal, accessible at https://transparencia.lasrozas.es/


Portal de Transparencia de Las Rozas


Access to Govtechlab Madrid pilot documentation: https://madrid.govtechlab.es/piloto-rozas-ogov/ 

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